Monday, April 13, 2009

Updated info

So its been a while since i have been on here let me fill you all in on everything that is going on....

First off Jesse had his surgery and it was a sucess! I am so greatful for all of you that prayed for him and so thankful that we were able to get an amazing Doctor to perform the surgery. We found out after the surgery from some of the nurses that the doctor that operated on Jesse is semi retired and he is REALLY picky about the cases and surgeries that he does. So we think that it was Jesses good attitude that helped him. After we finally got him home (after he had been in the hospital for about 2 weeks and was wheeling him self out when the put him in the wheel chair to leave ha ha) he is doing alot better. The recovery time for this type of surgery is about 2 months and then you really have to do light work for another 2-3 months. He is cancer free!!! However, he does have to do 3 8 week treatements of chemo and then go back for a final scan. He will go ever Wednesday for an hour and receive chemo for 6 weeks then take 2 weeks off then do that all over two more times. He will be doing chemo until about September. We are just greatful that he doesnt have to be in the hopsital to recieve the chemo and that after this we will just have to go in once a year to make sure this doenst come back. Thank you so much for all of your love, support, good thoughts, and advise through this hard time and please please please everyone get yourself screened!

Last weekend I was able to go the the coast for my dads birthday and hang out with my family! It was really fun, Jr, Jamie, Mike, Alyssa, Myself, Mom and Dad went to go see that new Fast and Furious movie. It was actually a really good movie. I really like the first one but the two that followed that were not good at all, but I think it might have helped because all the original people were in this new one. They also left it open for another movie! My mom and I went to pick out the fabric that we are going to use for the babies bedding. It is so cute its little pink lady bugs! I cant wait to see the final product!

The baby is doing great...and moving alot! Its finally moving to the point where I can see it on the outside of my belly. I always wake jesse up so he can i just think its cool he laughes at me and watches my belly as the baby moves around. I only have 118 days left and even though that is alot of days its gonna go by so quickly! We are so excited to be parents and cant wait for our little bundle of joy! I just want to know what she is going to look like!


Karen and Wade said...

It is so good to hear JOY in your words and see it in your face I am HAPPY to know that BOTH you and JESSE are excieted to be parents and the BABY will be beautiful.... YOU are her mother... Jesse will agree with me

Love to all 3 of you
Mom & Dad

rebecca and eric said...

I'm so glad a lot of the hard part is behind you. And that you guys have great attitudes. And that your baby is moving a lot, isn't it the coolest thing? I love it when you can SEE a foot or an elbow or something moving across your stomach- she's real! And she can hear you soon, if not already! My mom said that my dad used to sing the ABC's to my mom's tummy when I was in there, to make me smart. :) Anyway, glad to hear you're doing well.