Friday, November 21, 2008

The Final Outcome

On WED Jesse and I went to see his oncologist to see when we could start his treatments. The Dr. told Jesse that he wanted him to go to the place right next door for his radiation. Well once the Dr. left to call over there he found out that his ins wouldnt cover Jesse over at the place (RIGHT NEXT DOOR). The girls at the Dr. office quickly called the ins. company to get an override otherwise they wanted him to travel to Fresno (and that is about 45 min away from our house) everyday for treatment. Not only would that be hard for him, but hard for me who would take him there. He has to go everyday for about 10 weeks. Also, he wants to work as long as possible and if we go to fresno he wouldnt be able to. So Thursday comes and we get a call from the Dr. office and they tell him that the Ins. company denied his claim and he MUST go to Fresno. Jesse did all he could by calling the ins and all they did was give him the run around. He called the Dr. office this morning to find out the name of the Dr. he needs to see in fresno and the nurse gave him GREAT news! THE DR. PUT UP A FIGHT AND NOW JESSE DOES NOT HAVE TO TRAVEL THAT FAR HE CAN DO IT WHERE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO IN THE FIRST PLACE! The Dr. he goes to see now is only about 20 min away. He also found out his treatment plan :
Week 1- 96 hours in hospital while getting chemo
Week 2-4 radiation treatment mon thru fri
Week 5- 96 hours in hospital while getting chemo
Week 6-9 Radiation treament mon thur fri
After all that treament he is going back to see if the tumer is totally gone or not if it is still there they will do surgery and then 2 more weeks of treatment.

I am so greatful for those girls in that office for working so hard to help Jesse out. I know how stressed he was about how we would make it work going that far everyday seeing as his mom is getting rides to her treatment every day as well. I know that we will find a way for everything to work, not sure how but I know we will

Thank you all for all your prayers!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New News

As Im sure most of you have heard Jesse has colon cancer. We have been going to the doctors like crazy for the past month trying to figure out whats wrong with him. We found out yesterday and it was somewhat of a shock but it was the last thing it could be before we had to start the tests all over again. I am so greatful that he has a job with insurance so that he was able to catch this early. The doctors seems very sure that with chemo and radiation he should fully recover. He will have to be checked every year maybe twice a year just to be on the safe side. We go to see the doctor again on wednesday to set up the treaments. I am assuming that he will have 5 days of radiation and one day of chemo because of how early we caught it. We are still waiting to see if it has spread outside of his colon. If it has spread then he will have to do more chemo and radiation and thats when it starts to get REALLY serious because if it spreads to other orangs or the lymph nodes we are in real trouble.
I just want to say thank you for all the support and prayers that all of you have given. It means so much to me that everyone cares! I knew you all did but its nice to have this support system when you need it. I have been through this a couple times with people that I love and hope that I can offer some help to Jesse. We love you all tons!