Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just starting

Well since all of my cousins and now my mom and dad have a blog....I thought it was about time! Well this is my blog....its actualy for Jesse and I even though not sure he will get on it! Ü So here is what I have been up to....

It was Jesses Birthday on Oct 22 so I bought him tickets to see the LA it was awesome! I have actually wanted to see them for quite some time. They came to Fresno (about 45 min from our home) and played a pre-season game. It was really fun because two of his really good freinds went too. Also the team they played had this guy (cant think of his name now) that was on the Warriors last year and we really enjoyed watching him play last year and it was an extra suprise that he was there to! Even though they lost it was still fun to go watch them play. Also, those guys are WAY bigger than they look on TV. I was sitting up about 15 rows from the court and I told Jesse "man I thought those guys would be way bigger!" He looked at me and laughed and said "oh yeah, go down there and look at them up close!" So I did and....he was right they are HUGE!

Here is a pic of Jess and I getting ready to go out to eat dinner on a saturda. He loves to act silly in all pictures.....there are only a few where he smiles at the camera! Wonder what he will do at our wedding?!

Here is my Daisy! One morning while I was sleeping I woke up to find only Otis next to me. So i listened to see if I could hear the other two pugs playing and nothing. So I got up and walked in to the hall way and could hear this noise in the pantry. I went over there to find daisy and Shelby in the pancake mix that was on the floor.

This is Daisy, Shelby and Otis. Otis and Daisy are my pugs and Shelby is my roomates pug.