Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exciting News

Ok so I am going to give everyone the back story...

So about 4 months ago Jesse and I decided that we wanted to try for a baby. So I stopped taking my birth control and we tried. Two months past and we still were not pregnant. So the third month Jesse was diagnosed with his cancer and we were told that there was a really good chance that he would NOT be able to have children after the treatment because of where it is. So we sat down and discused the choice of using a sperm bank so we would still have the chance. Jesse then said well lets get married because I dont want anything to happen to me and for me not to have done right by you and at least married you. So I figured we could try for one more month and then start taking the pill again because I CAN NOT get pregnant while he is doing chemo and radiation. So Saturday night I was like "wait I was supposed to start my period a week ago." So I went to the store and got a pregnancy test, came home and took it. I have taken so many since we started trying so I was preparing myself for it to come back negitive and thought well maybe I have not started because I am stressed with everything that is going on. So as I sat and waited for the test results to come back I thought how this was really our last chance to get pregnant.. at least on our own. I looked town to see a plus sign....
IM PREGNANT!!!! Just thought I would let you know I am so excited and I have wanted this for so long. I am excited for my parents because they seem so excited to be grandparents. I know they will be great!

Hope everyones day is great!