Sunday, January 18, 2009

So its been a while since i have posted anything and i have not been able to find my cord for my camera to load pictures on my computer! So let me start with thanksgiving...We had all of Jesses family and my family here (they all met for the first time).

Here is everyone sitting down to eat...we had quite a few people. The only people that were missing is Jamie and mike and Auzia and Howie, from Jesses family his sister Vicky and her husband are also not here.

Here is my table pre food, the nice fall flowers that I got for decorations...i love getting flowers for each season

This is in the midst of cooking we stopped to take a few pictures.
Thanksgiving was fun this time hosting it, there were some things that I would much rather not do, such as pulling the neck out of the turkey. That was a nice experience. My dad BBQ'd the bird, that tasted SOOOO good, we had stuffing, mashed potatoes, greenbean casserol (my first time making and trying), gravy, and homemade cranberry sause thanks to my mom. Jesses sister johana is a baker (she went to school for baking) and she made some pies that were to die for! Jesses mom made some homemade tortillas and refried beans! YUM YUM YUM Over all it was fun having both familys get to meet and we all clicked!

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