Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here is my birthday Jesse went out and got me an ice cream cake...that is my absolute favorite...however this pregnancy thing is changing what I can and cant eat without being sick. So i had a piece and it was great but that is ALL that i could have! I took the day off from work and in the morning Jesse and I went to his radiation appointment, went to eat at jack in the box (because again that is all that sounded good) and then came home and took a 4 hour nap! After we woke up we watched some TV and then he took me to the Olive Garden! Now that is my all time favorite place to eat, and Jesse really doesnt care for it, but once again he went because I love it! :)

Here is a picture of me and my cake if you cant read it, it says HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! so cute!

This is my first maternity shirt that Jesses mom got me for christmas it is an all organic shirt...i love it and it says Earth Mother...I know bad shot but its how it fit ha ha
Lastly, today Jan 18 Jesse took me to a spot here near a lake we have. Now I'm not sure if any of you know but about 3 years ago Jesse and I along with another girl were in a REALLY bad car accidend (like we should not be alive) we were driving and the driver of the car missed the turn we were supposed to take and we few off a cliff... yes literally flew off a cliff. From that point on its been a really hard place to go and I used to go to the lake ALL the time! So he took me there and we started talking abou the accident and then he told me "well i dont want this place to be a mad memory so.." then he got down on one knee and said " Krista will you marry me " I know he said other things but that is what I remember. Of course I said yes, I am so excited! Everything that I have always wanted is coming true so here is a pic of the ring so all of you can see....

Now I am going to wait a few months before I start planning...because I dont want to be a pregnan bride!


Kendra said...

Wow... so much excitement in your life right now! I love the birthday cake and how it says "Happy Birthday Mommy." So cute of Jesse to do that for you! AND THE RING IS GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats!!!! How exciting! We are so happy for you two! Thanks for sharing the story and the pictures!

Karen and Wade said...

I love you both so much and peanut too.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Jesse sounds like a good person who wants to make you happy! I am really so happy for you...and I love the T-shirt!
Regarding fav´s were ANYTHING with strawberries and french fries. =) Funny enough Jona loves them both, too! Perhaps I need to ask if my mom had the same cravings with me...take it easy and just take your time with all the planning. Love, Aunt Shawna

rebecca and eric said...

Yay! It's cool that you can be there for each other when you're both sick and tired. And it totally stinks to not be able to eat whatever whenever you want. It's so crazy when you're baby is a few weeks old and all of a sudden you go- wait, my stomach hasn't hurt all day! Hooray! And I'm so excited for you to get married. Love ya, have a good day.

Allison said...

hey cousin! i'm glad you had a good day. olive garden is my favorite place to eat and we went there for my birthday too! =o] i hope you aren't too sick, but at least you can both rest together. keep us posted =o]

Tiffany said...

Krista!!!! Okay, I've apparently been WAY out of the loop!!!!
A blog??!!
Holy Smokes- I so wish I could come see you right now and scream and hug you and see your ring in person and rub your baby belly and tell you CONGRATS!!! (over and over again!) Ü
Krista, you are seriously going to be an AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING mother!!! I am so happy for you guys and your miracle. Please send Jesse my love too- congrats and also love for all that he (and you of course) have been going through with his health.

I love you and congrats!!
Love, Tiff

PS- I'm SOOOOO sorry about the morning sickness. I have total empathy. Yuck. Just know that it does pass (even when you feel like you're drowning in it now), and its okay to let other things slide (like house keeping) while you're not feeling well. When in doubt, cut yourself some slack. You're doing a big job (growing a BABY!!) even when it looks like you're not getting anything "done". Hugs to both you and Jesse... Tiff :)